The Van Tienhoven Foundation

The Van Tienhoven Foundation for International Nature Protection makes small grants available for the protection and conservation of threatened species and ecosystems across the globe.

Our mission & vision

We are concerned about life on earth, the well-being and maintenance of the variety of living organisms and their living environment. Human beings play a crucial role as actor and factor in biodiversity. We see people as instrumental in mitigating the pressures of global change on the living environment and biodiversity.



The Board

We are a Board geared towards supporting small grants for projects on species, ecosystem, and community managed nature protection. We manage a fund originating from the bequest of Pieter Gerbrand van Tienhoven. Membership of the Board is on a personal title and is unremunerated. Board members agree to act according to the vision of a sustainable world, where ecology, economy and social inclusion are (brought) in balance with each other. The Board is supported by an Assistant to the Board. We do not have an office and can therefore keep our overhead costs to a bare minimum. As Board, we strive to comply all our activities to the mission of the Van Tienhoven Foundation. This means all our financial investments should align with a vision to reach a sustainable world. We have entrusted our investments to the Triodos Bank and Van Lanschot in the Netherlands.

The Board consist of the following members:

Ms. Esther BlomChair of the board
Mr. Roelof KochTreasurer
Mr. Christiaan van der HoevenBiodiversity specialist
Ms. Iris van der MeerProject Management
Ms. Ellen HendrixSecretary
Mr. Mick NetivIT Manager

We can be reached by email at (Ms. Anne Maatman; assistant to the board).