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Approved Projects
In 2019, the following project was sponsored:

Strengthening the traditional fishermen organization TIKA: Environmental governance in indigenous fishery management practices in a strategic wetland ecosystem n the Colombian Amazon. Leticia, Colombia.

by FundaciĆ³n GRUPO PROA

The Yahuarcaca lakes are located in the extreme south of the Colombian Amazon along the Amazon river and nearby the border town Leticia. During the last two decades, fish populations of this area have been overexploited due to the increasing demand for commercial fish species and the introduction of modern nets, resulting in a decrease of size, diversity, and populations. This is a serious problem, not only to ensure the ecosystem´s functioning but also for the indigenous people for whom fish is the main source of protein and an important economic source of income. Conservation and restoration of fish diversity and population of in which particularly key species like the pirarucú (Arapaima gigas) and the wellbeing of the fishers are therefore the main objectives of TIKA.

The aim of this project in specific is to improve the environmental governance of indigenous communities in order to promote the conservation of fish diversity and population in the Yahuarcaca lake system by strengthening existing efforts using present-day monitoring techniques integrating both scientific and traditional ecological knowledge. So far, the fishery organization TIKA, formed by seven indigenous communities, achieved to establish fishery agreements and conduct basic monitoring activities. However, to achieve better results concerning conservation and restoration effectiveness, the people of TIKA stand in need for improving their strategies, generate ecological data to allow them to make better decisions and strengthen existing efforts and advances.


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