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Approved Projects
In 2018, the following project was sponsored:

Wire Snare art and Conservation: Improving Local Community Livelihoods to Reduce Wildlife Snare Poaching in the Greater Serengeti Ecosystem, Tanzania

by Dr Alfan A. Rija, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania

Illegal hunting with wire snares threatens many wildlife populations in several protected areas across Africa and Asia. In Serengeti ecosystem Tanzania, at least 100 thousand wire snares could be available in the parks at any one time, killing > 200 thousand animals (i.e. >12% of available wildlife population) each year (Rentsch & Parker, 2014; Rija, 2017) and undermining the livelihoods of the local people.

This project aims to build the economic capacity of villagers surrounding Serengeti by piloting production of sellable snare jewellery arts from wire snares collected by rangers from the parks. After two years of this project, we aim to:

  • (i) achieve at least 10% increase in local incomes from selling snare arts to the tourists visiting Serengeti,

  • (ii) train and engage more potential poachers in this alternative income activity, thus reducing poaching

  • (iii) and raise awareness on threatened species by poaching to the public.


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