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In 2018, the following project was sponsored:

Cloud forests of Páramo El Tambor: working with the stakeholders to promote ecosystem conservation and restoration for climate change adaptation.

by Mauricio Jerez-Rico (Research Center on Disaster Risk Reduction).

With the project now finished, please watch an amazing video from/about the project, with thanks to Mauricio Jerez-Rico.

Páramo El Tambor is an isolated mountain massif in the Venezuelan Andes facing the Maracaibo Lake. El Tambor has been considered as a “continental island” because of its high biodiversity and endemism. Important species include the endangered (IUCN) spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus); endemic amphibian and lizard species. There is high diversity of orchids and bromeliads, and a “vulnerable” giant coniferous tree (Retrophyllum rospigliosii) which can reach up to 45 m high.

Our aim is to contribute to the conservation of the cloud forest ecosystem by raising local stakeholder awareness on the importance of maintaining the integrity and functionality of these forests as a climate and water cycle regulator that will warrant their livelihoods in the short to long-term. We look at the involvement of local communities through collaborative climate adaptation actions such as informative-educative activities, identification of critical areas and risks, ecosystem restoration with native tree species, and foster care for the highly diverse wildlife and flora of this place.


 Pino laso (Retrophyllum rospigliosii) trees growing in the cloud forest of Páramo El Tambor.


Some orchid species

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