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Approved Projects
In 2018, the following project was sponsored:

Support community protection of aquatic submersion vegetation habitats and of conservation of endangered seagrass and fish species in coastal Tam Giang lagoon in central Vietnam

by Truong Van Tuyen

Update: in June 2019 an interim report was provided.

Tam Giang lagoon in Vietnam provides important coastal habitats and fish diversity.

Some species are endangered and listed in IUCN redlist e.g. Albula vulpes; Bostrichthys sinensis; Clupanodon thrissa; Megalops cyprinoides; Anguilla bicolor; and Halophila beccarii due to overexploitation and destruction of aquatic submersion vegetation.

Conservation focus on development of community Fishery Protected Areas (FPA) for no-take, but FPA effectiveness is under threats of fishing pressure associated local poverty and low species conservation capability. This project seeks to address above threats by training for 120 conservation actors and facilitating them to work at grounds in 3 established FPAs to bring in effective protection of 100 hectare submersion vegetation and better conservation of 5 endangered fish and seagrass species.

These contribute to nature conservation with better care of the endangered species, protection of their habitats and the developed conservation methods applicable in the mix used ecosystems.


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