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Approved Projects
In 2017, the following project was sponsored:

Creation of the El Salado Wildlife Reserve, Guatemala

by Colum Muccio, Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association (ARCAS)

Update: the project was finalized around May 2018. The final report can be found here

The Blue Crab. One of the principal objectives of the El Salado Reserve is to protect this flagship species, overexploited in the region


We received a midterm report on 11 November 2017. Click on this link to read it. Mid term report ARCAS

This project aims to contribute to the conservation of the mangrove and dry tropical ecosystems of the El Salado Wildlife Reserve, a 25 hectare protected area on the Pacific coast of Guatemala.

The project will carry out reforestation, and develop educational trails and other infrastructure necessary for the management of the reserve. ln the longer-term, ARCAS will establish a research and training center for the development ofpractices for adaptation to climate change, as well as to monitor the dry forest and mangroves ecosystems and the influence of the encroaching sugar cane industry on these ecosystems.


Midterm report- November 2017

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