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2018 Projects

In 2018 we have funded the following projects:  

Country Project Organisation Funding amount
Nigeria Primate Inventory and Conservation in Ikpa River Basin, Southern Nigeria Tropical Research and Conservation Centre € 5.300
Kenya Saving Endangered Taita Hills Butterflies through Growing Indigenous Host Plants Wildlife Clubs of Kenya € 8.500
India Wild Seve: Building Tolerance for Elephants Through Effective Mitigation and Compensation in India Centre for Wildlife Studies € 9.975
Vietnam Support community protection of aquatic submersion vegetation habitats and of conservation of endangered seagrass and fish species in coastal Tam Giang  CCRD (Centre for Community Research and Development) € 10.000
Cambodia Community Conservation and Sustainable Use of Tropical Upland Forests in Battambang, Cambodia Village Support Group € 10.000
Pakistan Conservation of globally important populations of highly-threatened species through the creation of new, community-managed protected areas in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan Wildlife Conservation Society, Pakistan Program € 9.600
Bolivia Sustainable protection of breeding habitat of the Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw (Ara glaucogularis) in Bolivia. Asociación Armonía € 10.000
Tanzania Wire Snare art and Conservation: Improving Local Community Livelihoods to Reduce Wildlife Snare Poaching in the Greater Serengeti Ecosystem, Tanzania Sokoine University of Agriculture € 9.995
Venezuela Cloud forest conservation in Páramo El Tambor: A socio-integral intervention to promote local ecosystem preservation and restoration for climate change adaptation. Disaster Risk Reduction Research Center  € 9.980